Favorite Blue Ridge Farm


This farm situated along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, above 3500 feet elevation, is a favorite photo destination of mine. I try to get various compositions throughout the year as seasons change.  It takes a hearty and adaptive person to farm at this elevation, some distance away from a town, but there are many successfully doing it today. Cattle, corn, and other crops thrive thanks to their efforts.






  1. Thanks. Locals call taking a ride to the Blue Ridge Parkwzy from here as “Going up the mountain.” It’s a 40 minute drive from 800 feet in Martinsville to over 3000 feet at the parkwzy entrance. Then I can get to about 4000 feet in short order. The higher parts of the parkway are often closed during the winter, but there are public roads nearby that remain open. If one wants to slip and slide. Thus it what always makes me wonder why so many farms remain up there. Tough in the winter just to get to a grocery store miles away.

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