Historic Isolated Cabin Resort


Near the Meadows of Dan, Virginia, a few miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Blue Ridge Passage Resort was built during the 1960s, with many attractions besides mountain cabin vacation living. In addition to cabin home sites, there were popular attractions such as a small river boat cruise, rides for children, a large restaurant, a historic mill and chapel and surrounding scenic views. Except for cabins still in use, the once popular resort with all its attractions is closed today; however, the Crooked Road restaurant is open. I pass the area every time I drive up the mountain. I recall in the early 2000s it was operating with many of the original attractions still profitable. The following economic recession changed all that. Last week I decided to drive through portions of the resort I’d never seen before close up. I was surprised by what I saw. The entrance to the cabin area contained this rock structure, with a small quiet fishing lake behind. (Photos made with Fujifilm X-T100 with 35mm f/2 lens)




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