Land Glaciers in Summer


I’ve been fortunate to have been to Alaska five times since 1999. Most of the photos of glaciers I made there were composed while I was on some sort of ship, or small boat. But, I have a lot of glacier images I made on land. Looking up in front of where I was standing. Some telephoto, some not. During summer, glaciers melt, creating long, winding waterfalls. Hard to imagine how beautiful they must be up close, standing nearby. Impossible for most, given the remoteness of the terrain. Here are several examples of what I saw in August, 2017. My last, and final trip there. The weather was absolutely perfect, five days in a row. Hardly typical. So, I’m happy to step away from being in my favorite destination while I’m on top.







    1. Hopefully you guys can find the time and motivation to see for yourselves. All of these images were made within 50 miles of Anchorage via Seward Highway. Near Girdwood. The highway parallels Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet. Lots of beautiful views. Point being, one can use Anchorage as a base and explore via rental car. We always explored on our own by adding two days to the end of cruise line itinerary. Or front end. Or both.

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