On the Water in Alaska


During summer months in Alaska, with the increased number of daylight hours, Alaskans spend as much time as possible being active outdoors. They know the darker days of winter will arrive too soon. Why sleep? Go kayaking! I made these photos during early August at Lake Eklutna, a short drive north from Anchorage. Besides water activities, there are hiking trails that parallel the shoreline.


Two paddlers with two dogs laying down in between. Perfect way to explore.



Unfortunately the sun was shining from the right, but I wanted to get the canoe and mountains in the composition to show the size of the lake. The photo below was taken right behind where I was standing and the lighting was better. As many landscape photographers who visit places with expansive views like in Alaska can attest, it’s impossible to convey through photographs just how “small” and “insignificant” one feels when surrounded by such beauty.



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