Focus on “Little” Things


I have developed a habit over the years to view things around me, no matter the subject, and wondering whether or not what I see would make an interesting photo. That’s easy when I’m in a prime location with spectacular views all around me. It’s more challenging  elsewhere. It’s in those locations where my habit has been the most beneficial. Here are a few examples.


The “little” thing here is the missing window pane. I didn’t see that until after I downloaded the image. My initial interest was the age and style of the building. The missing glass was my reward for “looking.”



The building facade of stone is what I liked about this image. One does not see this sort of early 20th Century architecture that often. The stained glass church window below, surrounded by the detailed brickwork, is what caught my eye.



I could have photoshopped this photo to “light the lamp.” That would have been fun to do, but not for publication. When I made this image I thought about returning at night to see it lit for real. But, I figured it was fine as is.

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