Arctic Discoveries

Traveling in Arctic regions via sea or ground transportation is a unique experience. The treeless, rugged landscape views are impressive. I discovered other photo-worthy scenes during a mid-summer visit to far Eastern Siberia in Russia several years ago.

Bering Sea-31

Various discarded items related to 19th Century maritime operations (ship’s rope above), along with remnants from original whaling settlements can be found. Colorful flowers bloom in strange places.

Bering Sea-22

A flittering and tiny male Snow Bunting stopped nearby and remained long enough for me to make a memory.

Bering Sea-35-2

After I downloaded the image below, I realized I had a very nice composition that tells a story … man vs nature.

Bering Sea-41

Lastly, I discovered several items left behind by those once once living there, such as an old “two-holer.”  A metal teapot and rusted lock were special. As I walked away I wondered if I was the only person having discovered these common items, left unseen for so many years in the very remote Providence Bay region of Eastern Siberia in Russia. I wondered if anyone else would see them in the future. It was an experience and privilege of a lifetime to be there.

Bering Sea-33-Edit

Bering Sea-20-Edit

Bering Sea-32



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