Boats in Remote Russia

My wife and I were fortunate to have been able to explore, via small cruise ship in 2007, portions of the maritime region of Eastern Siberia, once home to the whaling industry, and later as a center for military naval and commercial shipping. The contrast between “new and old” was especially interesting to me.

Bering Sea-73

Bering Sea-31-Edit

Bering Sea-72

Bering Sea-5-EditBering Sea-28

Bering Sea-7

Bering Sea-9-Edit

Bering Sea-26

That’s our cruise ship in the background. The Spirit of Oceanus, then owned by Cruise West. The 120 passenger ship sailed all over the world. Business was good. It was the only cruise ship going to Eastern Siberia and through the Bering Sea to the Arctic Circle. Then greed took over, the cruise line expanded its routes too quickly, the economy tanked and “boom” out of business. Great while it lasted. We sailed five times with them.


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