Flowers are of course beautiful and interesting to look at. But, there are two types near our home in SW Virginia that please my sense of smell more than most … Honeysuckle and Magnolias.


First, my favorite. At this time of year I am transported back in time to those days when I was a small boy, plucking yellow and white flowers from vines and pulling the center stem out, bringing with it a small amount of sweet tasting “honey” which we promptly “sucked” between our lips. Even today in old age I can detect the scent of honeysuckle a long distance from its source.



Second, Large Magnolia blossoms start out as a “ball” then within a day or two open up into large blossoms, lasting only a short time before turning brown and wilting. Standing beneath a large tree from which they originate, I am surrounded by a sweet, pleasing fragrance and the buzzing of friendly bees.




3 Replies to “Nicely Scented Flowers”

  1. The lighting beautiful must’ve been overcast days. We’ve been getting a lot of rain here in the Ozarks.

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