A Final “Burst” of Color

This summer has been, for me, very colorful from a photographic standpoint. Our flowers and other vegetation have been helped by (mostly) adequate rain during the growing season. There’s more color ahead, as leaves change from lush greens to red, oranges and yellow hues. My camera is ready.





2 replies to “A Final “Burst” of Color

    1. Thanks. I enjoy using my 50mm Fuji prime and the flip LCD on my camera to get down low. No way to do that without my Fujifilm mirrorless X-T 100. Great camera. Image out of camera JPEG need little post work. Basic and inexpensive camera with large sensor. Perfect for me. Have a 55-200mm, 35mm and 50mm lens for the kit. Nice and light. I sold all my Nikon DSLR gear a year ago.

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