Last Minute Photo Trip

On a routine trip to our local Post Office I decided at the last minute to travel a few miles further into the county to see what I might find. Good decision.





    1. Thanks. I’ve been wanting to tell you how much I like your imagination and writing with book recommendations. I’m an avid reader and that’s helped me improve my short story writing. I’m an old guy with no where near your skills but I do enjoy putting words on my laptop. I also keep a daily Journal (Day One) that serves only to share my thoughts and select photos…just for me. I grew weary of Instagram and Facebook sharing a few years ago. Word Press blogging on the other hand is great. Enjoy your home renovations. Been there done that in younger times. Always neat to say, “I did that.”

      1. Thanks so much, and jeez, sorry so much for my late reply! It’s good to hear what you said about a house… because holy smokes, it has been more work than we ever could have imagined (and it’s why, in part, I’ve been so busy!).

        Well I love your photos, and am new relatively to blogging, but it’s fun. Pleased to talk about books ANY TIME, and writing as well. I hope to see more of your work!

        Now to start patching part of a wall…..

  1. Beautiful photos! And I enjoyed reading the nice comments in the comment section. So much creativity- and kindness.

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