The Barn

For months I’ve been trying to make a photo of this barn located on a narrow road near where we live in SW Virginia.


It’s located such that there is no place to pull my car off the road to make the photo, and there always was a car of two right behind me. Recently I got out very early and was able to stop in the road and get a couple of nice images.


The sun was low on the horizon but hazy clouds toned down its brightness a bit. I used a Fujifilm XT100 camera with 35mm lens. I used Nikon DSLR cameras and lens for years, as well as Canon and Panasonic compact cameras. I have to say that no camera I’ve ever used produces such great JPEG images in camera as do Fujifilm mirrorless models. But that’s just me. Most pro and enthusiast cameras today are generally equal in output quality.That’s a good thing. The most important thing is to get out and make photos no matter the type camera used.


  1. I like the vertical image better the way you use the tree branches to fill in the sky and just rolls of yours I to the barn. Of course it helps that the barn is red.

  2. I like the hillside, and the two pickup trucks parked on the rim by the tree line. One facing forward, one facing back, like the Roman god, Janus, guard of doorways and gates. Inspiration for the word January. Evocative. Happy New Year! May this year bring many more of your marvelous photos.

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