A Small Country Church

As I was driving along a rural highway close to home, I happened to glance behind a popular local food market I pass frequently and saw a small church I’d never spotted before. I stopped and found this nice photo opportunity.


What made it special to me was the brightly painted mailbox out front. I’m not sure if church services are still held inside, but the building itself is reasonably well maintained to make that possible. This proves my belief that we photographers always need to keep an open eye to our surroundings, there is much to be discovered.


  1. I like the way you use the mailbox it leaves the eye right to the church and made a great image thanks for sharing

  2. Those three diamond shaped windows ascending the steeple a lovely testament to the care this humble church was built with, and the bright mail box a sign that it is still lovingly cared for. Maybe it is paint left over from a parishioner’s home, or the wall behind the altar inside the church. When I was growing up the church we went to had a deep cobalt blue wall behind the altar that had gold stencils of a scatting of stars. As I child I loved that. Still like thinking about that. And as an older person, crippled by arthritis, I like this church’s simple handrails by the steps for those who find steps hard to climb. It seems a thoughtful church. It has a metal roof so hopefully it will last a long time. Thank your for thoughtfully capturing this with a beautiful composition.

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