Waiting to Race

Martinsville, Virginia is home to the only NASCAR race track still operating from NASCAR’s first season in 1948. I live just two miles from the facility and as such am able to make photos when I want. NASCAR schedules two races annually here on the one-half mile oval (paperclip design) track and racing fans enjoy the up-close views and tight racing often creating a lot of “bumping and banging.” For years I attended each race along with 60,000-plus others. The pandemic curtailed that last year but it’s now back open to fans fully. Here are several images I made this week to show the facility is indeed “waiting to race.”

3 replies to “Waiting to Race

  1. Good news for the fans!
    Our drag strip here in the UK should open fully by the end of June but a rise in cases may curtail this. Fingers crossed I get to see some action this year.

  2. Some neat looking images. It reminds me of the time that my mom dragged us to a big church in France and there was nobody there. It was neat to see but it wasn’t the same. It’s the people that bring this place life.

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