A Bird … finally

For weeks I’ve patiently stood in our back yard, each morning early, with 55-200mm lens, hoping that a bird, any bird, will find an open spot to perch. Every time one came by it always landed in the midst of distracting leaves and limbs on trees and bushes. Until recently when a Northern Mockingbird landed on top of nearby bushes and sat patiently while I clicked away. Nothing exciting compared to much more interesting birds photographed by other photographers I follow, but I’ll take what I can get.


    1. Thanks. It’s your bird photography, as well as some of your friends in the UK, that make me wish I had more opportunities. There was a time years ago when we lived on a barrier island in eastern North Carolina where I was employed. In the winter months when tourists were gone, I marveled at all the interesting shore birds I saw while walking with my dog along the beach, and even more all the Pelicans flying low in formation. One problem. I wasn’t then that interested in photography as I am now, being fully retired. So many missed opportunities for a photo but memories still remain of what I saw. I guess that’s what is important in my old age. Memories.

      1. Stick with it, you will be surprised how many chances you will get to photograph birds in and around your garden especially come spring.
        Memories are great though mine get a bit hazy!

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