My “Bird” Morning

It was nice outside at 0930 when I decided to make my coffee, take my camera with 55-200mm lens and go sit on the front porch. There was no wind and with the rising sun warming me in my rocking chair I sat waiting for some birds to visit. And I sat, and sat and sat. Nothing …not a bird anywhere. And then along came two Bluebirds who sat high up, but within telephoto range in the tree in front of me. I fired away. And then ever better; first one, and then a second House Finch flew under the porch, perching on top of the porch swing about twenty feet from where I sat. In total I shot 43 bird photos, selecting after a long review in Lightroom, these two as the best. I’m very happy with how my “bird morning” went.

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  1. I’m liking the square format. I prefer the second one it is a good study of cool and warm colors and I am leaning towards the warmer one. I need to be more chill like you when it comes to taking pictures. I am still in the work journalistic mindset. Keep up the good work.

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