Fieldale, Virginia

Fieldale’s Recreation Center

The Village of Fieldale was established in the early 1900’s by Marshall Field who was an American entrepreneur and founder of the Marshall Field Department Store in Chicago, Illinois. His business was renowned for its then-exceptional level of quality and customer service. Field wanted to create his own plant and supporting facilities to produce high quality textile goods in Virginia, close to the large North Carolina textile region. The plant and the village named for him was the result. The once thriving Fieldale plant is now closed, along with many other textile plants in Virginia and North Carolina as a result of manufacturing globalization largely beginning in the 1990’s. A central feature of the Village of Fieldale, Virginia today is the Recreation Center building, constructed in the 1930’s using a typical small town American colonial style architecture. The building has stood the passage of time well, and continues to be a popular gathering place.

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