Candid Backyard Birds

Ive been having a great time recently photographing what I’ll call “backyard birds” … those who frequently stop by as they go about their daily mission to find food … which I happily provide. Here are several photos I captured this past week.

Male Cardinal. These birds have been designated as the State Bird of Virginia.
Beautiful Mourning Dove. I’m happy to see them because they clean up spilled seeds on the ground below our feeders. Waste not, want not.
Blue Jay in flight. I got the bird just before it flew into the dark spots in the bushes in the back ground. I suspect there’s a nest inside.

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  1. Bird photography reminds me of my old job doing dignitaries in Fort Leonard Wood or what I call run and gun photography you see composition turn your camera as quickly as possible get focused and fire. Well done got a lot of nice images. Josh bayou is a good bird photographer on YouTube. He’s a real mellow guy and has a lot of life perspectives.

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