Fawns in my Backyard

I went out back of the house recently,intending to take some close-up photos of flowers using my telephoto lens. Before I got to the flowers, however, a fawn ran across the yard in front of me.

I got the picture before it went behind bushes. I then walked around to see where it had gone.
The nicely spotted fawn had stopped by a tree, big ears and eyes focused directly on me. I was about 200 feet away, but my lens got me closer. I then walked back to where I was previously standing to see if the fawn would come closer.
When I got back to my original position I saw a second fawn, previously hidden to me because it was laying down. It was not afraid of me, but obviously alert. I moved back to where I was before and saw a cute scene.
The one I’d seen by the tree had come to lay next to its sibling. Again, neither seemed afraid of me. I’ve been told that the mother deer will often “park” its fawns while out looking for food, to return later. The fawns instinctively stay close to where they are placed. I checked about an hour afterwards and both were gone, apparently with their momma.


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