A New Experience

I have never written about the photo gear I use because that’s not the purpose of my BLOG. However, I am going to do so now. I didn’t need another camera. What I have is perfect for me. Three Fujifilm and one Panasonic. Now, I own a Ricoh GRIIIx. I read many reviews online, watched way too many You Tube videos and after firmly resisting the urge to buy for months, I gave in. The morning after it arrived I took it on a walk about the neighborhood in which we live. It was a dreary overcast morning at 0730. We certainly don’t live in a scenic neighborhood, but I have always been able to find photo compositions I like, after walking streets and hills for over twenty years. The images that follow are JPEG and straight out of camera. The only adjustment I made in Lightroom was to do some minor cropping. There is a lot of online hype about Ricoh GR cameras: ease of use one handed, outstanding image quality and sensor resolution. The 40mm fixed lens is tack sharp. I think what buying this small, but powerful camera will do is to inspire me to take more photographs; not so much to share with others, but to simply make me thankful for this wonderful hobby I enjoy so much.

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