Small City, Small Historic Building

Martinsville, Virginia isn’t very large, but it has lots of buildings and other structures that interest me from a historical standpoint. One is the “Little Post Office” located near the commercial center of the city. It was built in 1893 as a postal distribution center, and now is registered as a significant historical building in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It is a favorite location for photographers like me.

Standing where I was made me wonder if a horse-drawn mail wagon once was in the same place several times a day.
The front door with colored glass and brick steps are hardly used today, but they are still well maintained.
Always look down at your feet when taking photos, one never knows what might be found. A nice abstract photo of the brick sidewalk leading to the building.
I was able to get nice reflections from across the street in front of the building, on the door’s glass window.

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