Perfect Easter Photo

It’s one of the holiest days of the year and I should have gotten up being thankful and joyous. I wasn’t that way, at least initially. Negative thoughts crept in my 81-year old mind while laying in bed, my body felt sluggish, and I wondered if taking a hot shower would help. It did. I made my coffee and then decided to walk outside on this sunny but cool morning with my 55-200mm lens … I thought maybe a bird photo or two would improve my mood. There was one of our local Crows, squawking alone high overhead in a bare tree behind our neighbor’s house. I took several photos at 200mm. I wasn’t sure, however, if a Crow was the photo I needed to help my mood on Easter. And then, a little Bluebird flew my way, landing in a Dogwood tree a short distance from where I stood behind our backyard storage shed. I got several photos before it flew away. When I put them in Lightroom for development I was really pleased with what I had seen. A perfect Easter photo.

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