It was by chance that I became interested in photography and photo journalism. As a graduate student in science, I needed a couple of “filler” courses at Iowa State University to allow me to maintain my full-time student status the last semester before graduation. Looking for something not too difficult, but also interesting, I selected “Fundamentals of Photography” as one of those “fillers”.

With a university-provided Yashica twin-lens reflex camera in hand, and lots of rolls of 120 B&W film, off I went. After spending many late night hours in the darkroom resulting in some successes but mostly failures, and coupled with some excellent instruction covering various photographic techniques, I created my first photo”portfolio”.

Following graduation from ISU, I continued in a professional career for almost 30 years which had nothing to do with photography. After retirement, I was fortunate enough to be able to get involved with photography and photo journalism once again, but on a much larger scale than during my last semester at ISU.

I discovered I had a creative side I never knew existed. This came out after I was asked to become editor of a magazine published by a non-profit organization. Being in that position for about 15 years, and thanks to Adobe software, various digital camera gear, and the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, I’ve been able to learn and “experiment” every day, doing things I absolutely love. In short—mess with photography and all things related.

Landscape photography is my first love, with “old” buildings and structures being my second. I’m able to essentially work on my own schedule, thus am able to travel a bit and record digitally what I see through the lens of my cameras. Some images I capture wind up on the walls of our home in Southern Virginia (Martinsville), and others are posted online (such as in this Blog) for the enjoyment of those who take the time to look. My intent is to try to convey the excitement I felt when I clicked the camera’s shutter.


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