July 2021: It was by chance I became interested in photography and photo journalism. As a graduate student in science, I needed a couple of “filler” courses at Iowa State University to allow me to maintain my full-time student status the last semester before graduation. Looking for something not too difficult, but also interesting, I selected “Fundamentals of Photography” as one of those “fillers”. With a university-provided Yashica twin-lens reflex camera in hand, and lots of rolls of 120 B&W film, off I went. After spending many late night hours in the darkroom resulting in some successes but mostly failures, and coupled with some excellent instruction covering various photographic techniques, I created my first photo”portfolio”.

Fast forward through many decades of having used and loved lots of cameras, lens, and camera bags of all kinds. Today I’ve “gone small” with only two mirrorless cameras, both Fujifilm, one fixed lens, the other with interchangeable lens. Great kit. Best I’ve used.

Landscape photography, historic buildings, birds and butterflies are my favorite subjects. But, I find equal joy in just about anything that catches my eye. I hope you enjoy my work.

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