January 2022:

Following full retirement from two careers, the last involving digital print media and design, I’ve normally begun each day with one of my cameras in hand, looking for compositions that catch my eye. After post processing my images, I share them … just with me, in one of my iCloud collections. Some I share with family. And a select few are posted here … for your enjoyment. I primarily use Fuji gear: An XT30 with various prime and zoom lens, and a Fuji fixed lens rangefinder style X100T. I also use a Panasonic LX100 Mark 2. All my gear fits nicely in a Domke F2 classic camera bag. The passenger seat of my car is home to that bag on road trips because getting out and about walking and hiking isn’t as easy as it once was due to age and such. However, I’m not deterred. Photography is my main therapy because the joy I find each day keeps me focused on the beauty that surrounds me. In that regard, I want to share my joy with you. Hopefully it will make you smile.

Michael Morgan, with wife of 60 years, together in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in SW Virginia.