Preserving History

Living where I do in an area that was once a major center for tobacco growing, textile manufacturing and wood products, and which today has changed significantly due to the evolution of global business, I love seeing how local leaders take steps to the preserve the history of their community. This clock, for example, has been recently erected next to a large wall mural that portrays the history of Leaksville, North Carolina, established in 1797.

Art in Nature

It all depends on how one looks at natural scenes but when composed in certain ways in a camera’s viewfinder and then digitally altered afterwards using software such as Adobe Lightroom, it’s possible to create interesting abstract results showing colors different from the original. Not what we saw perhaps, but how we imagine it might be. Here are two examples. First, a yellow rendition of a young green Cone flower and second, wet white pavement reflecting nearby green vegetation on a rainy morning.

Waiting to Race

Martinsville, Virginia is home to the only NASCAR race track still operating from NASCAR’s first season in 1948. I live just two miles from the facility and as such am able to make photos when I want. NASCAR schedules two races annually here on the one-half mile oval (paperclip design) track and racing fans enjoy the up-close views and tight racing often creating a lot of “bumping and banging.” For years I attended each race along with 60,000-plus others. The pandemic curtailed that last year but it’s now back open to fans fully. Here are several images I made this week to show the facility is indeed “waiting to race.”