Sunrises can be Special

Photographers love sunrise and sunset photo opportunities because of the special light and vibrant colors. I’ve made many that are very unique in that regard. Clearly “keepers.” But the simple photo I made a few mornings ago made me feel “peaceful“ after I downloaded it into Lightroom on my iPad. It isn’t that great, but I need scenes like this to put my mind in order, as we continue to be stressed during 2020.

Sunrise at 0738, October 8th, in Ridgeway, Virginia, near Martinsville.

Dead Tree

While wandering about the edge of a wooded area I came upon a fallen dead tree that was potentially blocking my way. I wasn’t going to walk into the woods so it was no obstacle, but it was a nice photo opportunity … especially the way sunlight was filtering through overhead tree limbs.

An Unexpected View

I’ve learned to always take a look around a subject as seen through my camera viewfinder before settling on a shot. That’s what I did here. My initial composition were flowers in a backyard garden flower pot. Glancing around I noticed a Hosta plant behind the pot was turning a nice shade of yellow, and to make the composition even better there was a cobweb with water droplets and a single, very small Lantana flower on top.

Coneflower Sequence

Coneflowers are some of my favorites. They have vibrant colors and lots of details when one focuses close-in. I decided to capture a sequence of one blossom as it began and ended in one of our flower gardens.

The beginning.
A close-up of the details.
Color beginning to show.
A beautiful ending. The petals will soon wither and fall, with seeds in the center dropping to the ground to provide new flowers for next summer.