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Finding Peace


When I ride along narrow roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I see images that make me feel more at peace, especially when I get home and put my photographs on my computer, where I can look at what I saw, in much greater detail. Making photos is fun! And peaceful!





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Posing in Nature

I like it when I find interesting photo opportunities of wildlife, striking a certain pose that catches my eye. Like these.




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Cows on the Mountainside

Recently while making fall color images in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I spotted a herd of black cows grazing along the slopes and hilltops. I got up close to one, but the cow I liked the best was far away on a ridge-line, which called for my telephoto lens. Both had some nice fall colors present. I suppose we are often blessed by scenes placed in front of us. The key is to take advantage of what we see, so we can share such with others. Cheers!




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Black Swans Swimming

I’d not photographed Black Swans before last weekend. It was by accident that I walked upon them feeding in the shallows of a local lake. As I got closer to them, the male (I assume) raised his long neck and started “hooting” at me, with a deep throated sound. I made my photos and then walked along not wanted to disturb their peaceful activities. They seemed much larger in size than the White Swans I’d photographed before, but that may just have been my imagination. Nice birds, all of them.



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Beautiful Horses

Once in awhile I’ll come upon a farm with grazing horses. When I do, I have to stop and make some photos. Beautiful.



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Here’s Looking at You

I don’t get that many opportunities locally to make photos of farm animals, so when I do find them, I have to stop and see what I can get with my camera. I pulled off the road and made these out of the car’s window, then cropped the result in post processing to get what you see. I used my Fujifilm X100T camera and its fixed 23mm lens is so good that when I crop in close the image (horse) is still relatively sharp, not like I want but close enough.



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Ducks on the Water: Two Views

When I make photos of ducks on the water, I like to try for some “action” as well as interesting patterns on the water’s surface. These two images are an example of both objectives.



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Monday Mix


Just a hint of Fall colors here in SW Virginia, with our Dogwood Trees turning slightly, backed by still bright green Tulip Poplars, which by the way have devilish leaves to clean up after they hit the ground later in the season. Thankfully, we have a yard man and crew to deal with it all. Such goes with my age and relative health–help from yard man and crew that is.


I’m not sure what the proper name of these flowers is, but we call them “Chickens.” I just transplanted this bunch to this location and they seem to be doing fine. The bushy flowers turn pink in the Fall, then the whole plant dries up waiting for Spring.


We’ve been having late season thunderstorms here in SW Virginia, and yesterday afternoon we lost electric power for several hours. Short outage thankfully. But, it was still dark in the house given the gully-washer rains outside with dark clouds. Thus, out came the emergency lantern, which serves well on the kitchen table. Not wanting to sit in the scary dark by herself, our cat Boots jumped on the table (pulled herself up actually using a chair for assistance) to get “into the light.” Cats are indeed cool.

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Turkey Buzzards Overhead

They glide through the wind on wings wide and strong, looking much, much better above than they do when on the ground, feasting on road kill or whatever. The part of SW Virginia where we live is a stopping point for the annual migration of these large birds so I have lots of opportunities to make some photos, given my bent neck looking up holds out.



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On the Farm

Visiting the Booker T. Washington National Monument in Southwest Virginia is always a great photo opportunity, except on those days when it seems like every elementary school kid within a 50-mile radius is there on a field trip. It was pretty much me alone the day I was there recently, and that’s what I like🙂 One feels transported back in time while there.










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