Look up close to tell your story


As I neared the intersection of two backwoods roads in rural Henry County, Virginia where we live, I spotted this older building, which looked like it had once been a small general store and gas station of sorts. I stopped alongside the road, got out and snapped the picture on top. ¬†As I was getting back into my vehicle to leave, I decided to give the building a closer look. And, I was rewarded by seeing the faded cigarette sign behind the equally faded and corroded screen door. That picture tells more of a story than does the one on top, but when viewed together that story becomes even better. Lesson…look closer before you decide to end a photo shoot.

A new way to look at my old photos

Each time I visit the old tobacco warehouse district in Danville, Virginia, I always am drawn to old doors and windows in the buildings, many no longer used. This warehouse battered metal door, with the lock and chain, looked very nice when I converted it to B&W, using a digital darkroom software program I decided to purchase, after using a free trial version for a couple of days. It’s extremely nice, much better than how I was doing it before using Adobe Lightroom. For example, I was able to bring out much more detail of the door’s surface than I could using Lightroom. That program will still be my main digital tool for my color photos, but Silver Efex Pro is now “it” for me for B&W. End of commercial. Nikon D300, processed using Silver Efex Pro.

Remember one of these?

I remember as a kid, pushing one of these back and forth on a weed infested yard at a house I grew up in. It never seemed to cut anything…just mash the weeds and grass down. I saw this one at an antique store in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.I do not miss this part of my past at all. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Filler Up

I remember when you drove into a gas station (or as many round say “filling station”) and told the attendant to “filler up”. He would ask, “regular or high test”. Then you sat and listened to the “ding, ding, ding” of the pump’s bell as gas flowed into your car. Plus, you got your oil checked, tire pressure checked and windows washed at the same time. At no charge. Photo taken in rural North Carolina. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom 3.2.

Sitting in a pile for over 20 years

As I was looking around the long vacant general store along Route 8 near the Virginia-North Carolina border, (prior post) I saw this pile of old newspapers on the rickety porch, with an empty Pepsi bottle sitting on top. On closer inspection I saw the Winston-Salem Journal dated April 20, 1990. I wondered if the pile of papers had been sitting there for over twenty years. I suspect they were. So, to record the moment, I clicked my camera and there you go. Being retired military, what really got my attention was the D-Day headline. In fact, it was a NASCAR advertisement. Nikon D300, processed in Lighroom 3.2.