It’s taken several years from the time they were planted to have one of our two Hydrangea bushes bloom as they are now. With all the rain and unseasonably warm weather I suppose that has been a factor. The pastel colors are beautiful.



Daylilies Down Low


I was excited after I looked at these photos I made, using the articulating LCD on my Panasonic GX7 camera with 25mm lens attached. I was able to place the camera at a low angle to get the flowers and the nice sky in the background. Other images were equally nice I thought. Without the articulating LCD I’d have been laying in the wet grass and mud nearby. Impossible to do, because I’d never have been able to get back up, old legs and all.



Roses are Red


Well …maybe too red. But that’s what attracted my eye during a short walk in our neighborhood. I used my Panasonic GX7 with 200mm lens to get the composition I wanted, with blurred background. Developed with Lightroom Classic on my MacBook Pro. I picked the next one as “Best in a Two-Photo Show.”


Iris Colors

Of all the flowers blooming in Spring, I think the most colorful are Iris. They open their blooms in various colors in our yard, and the only downside to that is they don’t stay around long. My camera was ready this year, and I felt getting close was a good way to show their beauty.



Rhododendron Time


We have a large Rhododendron bush in our yard, and it always blooms later than other flowering trees and bushes here. Now it’s time. It had rained during the night so when I walked by on the way to get the morning newspaper I saw my opportunity. Close up compositions with water droplets clearly visible was the way to go. I used my iPhone 7 Plus, with my favorite Photo App … Camera +. The Macro capability of that App is superb. As are all of its other features.

IMG_1714 (1)


IMG_1716 (1)