Photo on Day One

There is a belief among people I know which says: “Whatever good thing one does on the first day of a new year will carry on to each following day in that year.” For me that means I have to make a decent photo on New Years Day, regardless of circumstances, so that my photography over the next 12 months will be rewarding in some way, no matter less-than-desirable challenges that are placed in front of me. Like cold rain soaking river rocks (and me) today in my back yard flower garden.

Last of 2020

The last time I was near this field there were sheep grazing beyond the wire fence. That was last July. When I drove by recently the field was deserted. What caught my eye, however, was not the absence of sheep, but the distant “hollow” on the other side of the field, What was in that hollow I wondered. I have similar questions pertaining to my photography in 2021. What will I discover? Good things I pray.