Have a Coke

Perhaps no product logo is as well recognized world-wide as Coca Cola…commonly referred to as just “Coke.” The drink was invented in 1886 in Atlanta, GA and shortly thereafter the script writing logo “Coca Cola” was created. Painted Coca Cola signs on old buildings and other structures remain all over the United States today…such as the one you see here, which my camera recently captured. It has obviously been spruced up a bit with new paint. This type product building wall advertising was once very prominent especially before the days of television. History is all around us…if you will only look.


Famous American Icon – Coke

This sign is on an old, now closed, rural General Store in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Everyone worldwide most likely recognizes it. Back when the store was open, the popular soft drink was sold in bottles, or from a soda fountain. The bottles were most likely kept cool in a container of ice, and you dipped your hand inside to get your bottle…for a nickel probably. Today, the icon is the same but there are several varieties of Coke…Diet, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, etc. Personally, I prefer the old fashioned kind in the 8 oz bottle.


Last Chance

You see this establishment on a deserted country road and your gas gauge is showing less than half full, or your engine temperature is rising, you may want to stop. Looks like the owners decided not to hire a professional sign painter. But, that’s the thing that made me want to make another “unique sign” photo in the first place.

Old Signs

I am a sucker for old signs when I have my camera in hand. This one was on a dry cleaning business…now closed. It was the “little man” that caught my attention…as did the contrasting patterns behind.