Blue Ridge Store

This restored General Store and ESSO filing station is a popular place to visit, for those with photography in mind. There are others like it where we live in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I give great credit and thanks to those who maintain them with “period” signs and fresh paint. If you find one like it where you live, go get it!

Reynolds Homestead

One of my favorite places to visit near our home in SW Virginia is Reynolds Homestead. Not only is there interesting history related to it, but there are numerous photographic opportunities to explore. Below are a few of my recent photos from there, but before you look, here’s a brief summary of what the place is.

“The Reynolds Homestead is an outreach facility of Virginia Tech located in Critz. It features the fully-restored Rock Spring Plantation House, the birthplace and boyhood home of tobacco manufacturer R.J. Reynolds. Built in 1843, the two-story brick home has been restored to its nineteenth century state and includes many of the original family furnishings. The grounds include the original brick kitchen, a brick milk house, a log icehouse and a log granary. The family cemetery is located near the house and across a field is the slave cemetery. The house is a registered state and national landmark.”





The Front Porch

It was very common during the 19th and early 20th Century in America when most homes had an inviting front porch, usually complete with chairs of some sort…rocking being very popular. There were also porch swings, small tables on which to place refreshments, flower pots, and most of all people who spent many hot summer nights and weekend days sitting outside savoring every breeze, every sweet smell, while in the background insects buzzed, tree frogs croaked loudly and birds chirped to add to the symphony of nature. Today, people don’t sit outside much at home. There are too many competing distractions inside air conditioned houses. What remains are empty rocking chairs such as these shown here. How many children sat beside their parents in a small rocking chair such as the one here, sharing family time while growing up…and learning family values during the process. Be nice to go back, eh? Those chairs sure look inviting.