Countryside Morning

I’m really not sure why I was motivated recently to go buy gas for one of our cars before I ate breakfast, but I’m glad I did. The sky was clear and because of recent warmer than usual weather there was a lot of ground fog about. I remembered there was a dead end road behind the gas station where I was going. I’d driven down that road before and because of the morning fog, my mind envisioned possible photo compositions. After buying gas, I drove down that dead end road and this is what I saw.

Going past the barn I drove to the end of the road and looked up toward the low hills through a pathway in the brush that was inviting. However I decided just to record the scene and return home for a waiting breakfast, happy I’d been so motivated so early in the day.

Exploring a Rural Life

Living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains has many advantages. Most important for me is it’s less populated and as such affords many opportunities to explore back roads and woods. Life is simple here compared to urban settings, and I often discover small farm “settlements” such as that in this photo. DSCF3617-Edit-Edit-Edit

Given this area of Virginia and North Carolina was once prime tobacco growing and harvesting territory, along my way down narrow roads I discover numerous abandoned tobacco drying sheds.


Through the Trees

At 3000 feet elevation in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I recently stopped at a popular scenic view … Lover’s Leap.


The legend (per “In the 1600’s, Indians inhabited the Blue Ridge Mountains. White settlers started arriving and began clearing land to farm. Conflict arose between the Indians and the settlers. Legend has it that the son of a settler saw the twinkle in the eyes of the Chief’s daughter, Morning Flower, and was immediately love-struck. The couple began to meet secretly and their love continued to grow. The young man and Indian maiden were threatened and shunned. With the beautiful rock and wildflowers as their backdrop, they jumped into the wild blue yonder ensuring they would be together forever. As you gaze out at Lover’s Leap, you can still see the evidence of their love in the beautiful view and hear them whisper in the cool evening breezes.”