Times Past

Not too many years ago I owned a nice Mad River canoe and an even better Wilderness Systems kayak. When our grandkids were small I used to take them canoeing since I could get two easily inside with me at the stern guiding the way, with them splashing paddles and generally having a good time getting wet. I also fished from my canoe but not that much…it was the kayak that served that purpose when I was so inclined. Mostly, however, I spent hours on a nearby lake nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, inside my kayak exploring all sorts of dark coves such as that shown in the second photo. I donated my canoe to a local church group a few years back, and sold my kayak and all it’s nice fishing gear to my neighbor’s brother even more recently. My time “on the water” in such craft is now over…and I miss it. Aging and all that comes with that has caught up with me. So now, as in the first photo below I have to content myself with making photographs of others doing what I used to do…in times past.