Can’t Stop

Just when I think our flowering plants and bushes are “finished’ for this season in displaying their beauty, I see more examples that make it hard for me to stop shooting photos. Just when I thought our cone flowers were definitely finished for the year, one more hearty orange one bloomed.


And then this morning I saw our flowering bushes opening up new blossoms for butterflies and bees and other insects still around to enjoy. Life is good.


Flowers in my Mind

There are days when I need the beauty of flowers. Like today for example. Our Coneflowers are starting to bloom. We have more plants than last year and they have spread over the winter in the flower bed. So far, Purple and Orange. Still early, but I figure more colors are on the way. I guess one reason why flowers are given to those of us needing cheering up is their scent and beautiful colors. The older and less physically capable I am now hovers in my mind every day. My faith is tested. It’s a fact of age and related ailments. What helps me more than I can write here is exercising my passion for photography. So, I try to keep “flowers in my mind” as much as possible by making photos of some sort every day.