After the Storm Passes

First, there is little from Hurricane Michael’s terrible destruction along the Florida Gulf Coast that can be described as “beauty.” But, to boost our spirit and thankfulness, there are often hints after the storm passes that makes us think about more normal times. Here in SW Virginia I was not expecting as much wind and rain as we got from the powerful hurricane. Lots of leaf and limb debris, fallen trees and loss of power. I took advantage when the wind and rain was light and made these photos.


(Photos made with Fujifilm X-T100 with 50mm f/2 lens.)





Familiar Things

I check out an online “Photo School” website that places its focus on how to be a better photographer, versus having lots of basic “how to’s” and camera techniques. Just like we were used to in school when I attended, there are “lessons” and some “homework” involved. One such frequent assignment offered is to have viewers consider focusing (no pun) their work for on a single, subject. The latest got my attention and I decided to try it. Essentially, the assignment was to wander around one’s home and make interesting and unique compositions of familiar things. Guidance was to use one’s imagination, which I did as shown below. No need for explanation of any of these photos, other than to say that are familiar to me, every day.








Photographic Patterns

As I travel via foot or car, my eye is always on the lookout for “patterns”, simple and complex. Makes little difference what comprises the patterns, just that they exist and look “photo-worthy.” Here are two such which I found recently. The more I have developed my photo skills over the last ten years or so, the more my eye now tends to always be on the lookout for things which are a bit different when composed appropriately in my camera viewfinder. The key is to use your camera all the time…digital images are cheap and with storage devices being what they are today, you can “shoot away at will.” Not that way during the old film days.