Dogwoods in Color

It’s that time of year again. Our neighborhood thankfully has lots of Dogwood trees (first and second photo) and others that “get their color” early in the fall. It helps having good light (sun rise) when you make a photo of trees and leaves. Backlighting is also really nice as in the second image. Dogwoods are one of my favorites. Very colorful in the spring and equally so in the fall.

IMG_1322 (1)

IMG_1319 (1)

IMG_1321 (1)

Inspirational Dogwoods

The Dogwood trees in our yard and neighborhood this year are spectacular…whites and pinks…in full bloom. After the week we’ve had in the United States with terrible events in Boston and Texas, it’s God’s work like the beauty you see here that inspires us to overcome adversity, no matter its form.