Anchorage Alaska … A Different View

Most visitors to Alaska will pass through (or stay in ) Anchorage. I recall my first time there twenty years ago, and how surprised I was at its relatively small size, compared to major metropolitan areas in other states. It was only after four more trips that way that I discovered a view of the city I had never seen.

When you travel around the city the presence of mountains on the horizon is obvious, but without a view such as the above and below it’s not possible to see how the city blends in with those majestic peaks. If you visit Anchorage, go to Earthquake Park and you will see what I saw, hopefully with good weather.

Photo composition is key to making an interesting image. For example, putting Alaskan Red Fireweed in the foreground to complement the view of downtown Anchorage. In summary, rather than settling on common “post card” tourist photo compositions, look about for a different view. Such as I discovered at Earthquake Park.