From Fields to Church

There is an Episcopal Church in Eden, NC near where we live that was built in 1926, with the help of members of the congregation who tirelessly gathered thousands of rocks from nearby farmers field’s to serve as the foundation for exterior and interior walls. That’s amazing dedication toward a spiritual purpose.


The architectural style brings back memories of my travels during several visits to the United Kingdom during the 1980’s. I’ve said it before, there is no doubt I’d have been a happy resident living there permanently, had my life turned out that way. The Eden Rock Church so close to home makes me realize that even more.




Just Wait For It

i’ve posted this special image before but now close to Christmas Day I wanted to do it again in the spirit of the season. During my last visit to Alaska we took a day-trip though a popular area of Prince William Sound. That morning weather out of Whittier was overcast with light rain, low clouds and haze. I wondered what sort of photographic opportunities I’d have. My worries proved to be a waste of time. As we reached one of our many destinations the sky opened up and I was blessed with this view. Many more followed. It turned into a perfect day. My life over the past several years has been similar. I worry about what might be and realize there is so much in life around me I may not see at first. Have faith. Good things are there. Just be patient and look for them.