Leaves and Such

Where we live in SW Virginia, many colorful fall leaves remain on a few trees, and there are lots of still colorful leaves laying about on the ground and streets in our neighborhood. On my walk today, I set forth looking for such compositions. Here is what I saw.





This last one I really liked. Big, bold and with a nice shape. Photography is fun, eh?


Patterns in Nature


There are times when I see photo opportunities I’d most likely miss, were I not paying attention to what’s around me. We have a relatively new concrete driveway at our home. It’s been raining a lot lately here in SW Virginia, and leaves are falling onto the wet concrete and then as the remaining colors bleach out from the leaves, they place an imprint of themselves. Here I got a couple of such patterns, and was fortunate to have a single yellow leaf laying there as a nice contrast. This photo will make a nice wallpaper for my iPhone. There point of my brief story is that nature is full of wonderful sights, if we’ll just “see” them.