Here’s Looking at You

I don’t get that many opportunities locally to make photos of farm animals, so when I do find them, I have to stop and see what I can get with my camera. I pulled off the road and made these out of the car’s window, then cropped the result in post processing to get what you see. I used my Fujifilm X100T camera and its fixed 23mm lens is so good that when I crop in close the image (horse) is still relatively sharp, not like I want but close enough.



Grazing in the Grass

I am not a true “horse person”…in fact I was only on top of one once or twice when I was as kid…just to have my picture made…wearing a cowboy hat looking (well) rather nervous. But, today since I have become interested in making photographs myself, I always look for animals whenever I can find them. I did spot these two beautiful horses last week on a farm and I was able to get up close…behind a fence of course. I felt sorry for them both because as they were grazing in the grass together, they were being pestered by numerous biting flies. To keep them away as best as possible, they flicked their tails a lot, and shook their heads. I was glad to be able to capture one tail swish here. I suppose were I to get proper instruction, I would not mind learning to ride a horse.