One Big Antique

This restored Shell Gas station in Fieldale, Virginia is a favorite location of mine, given the owners desire to fill the building’s interior with a variety of antiques. Not only that, but he’s now displaying a partially restored 1950s era Studebaker Hawk automobile. In some ways, the Studebaker company was ahead of its time design wise and while popular, couldn’t compete for sales with major U.S companies such as General Motors and Ford. And then along came Toyota. Farewell Studebaker. Thus ends my brief look at a small part of U.S. auto history. Whatever, the car looks perfect in front of the Shell station.

Fieldale Virginia Close Up

Fieldale Virginia near our home was once a vibrant, prosperous community, and today it still is, but in a far different way. In 1916 Marshall Field who started the famous department store in Chicago purchased the site which was previously Waller’s Ford and built Fieldcrest Mills which became one of the largest textile companies in the region. The intent was to have a direct, quality supply of textiles for the department store. Over the years the Fieldcrest brand become one of the most respected in the United States, however economics and other factors eventually led to the decline of the textile industry in the south. There is today a large amount of pride in the accomplishments of those who worked for decades in Fieldale; and to celebrate that history, residents annually conduct a weekend long festival. For me, it’s a treasure trove of photographic images, several of which I have included here.