Good Morning Moon

Walking outside to get the morning newspaper today, I saw the moon still visible. I went back inside and got my telephoto lens and made this photo. I shot several compositions. The key was to move around until I got it framed in a way I liked … while keeping good focus on the moon itself. It was a lucky start to my day.


Looking in front and behind

Last evening after supper I looked out our front door and saw the moon rising about the same time as the sun was setting. The moon being almost “full” looked nice, with a slight haze in front. So I grabbed my camera with telephoto lens and went outside to make a couple of photos. Here’s the first.


As I was making this photo our neighbor Al came out to say hello from his deck above where I was standing. As I turned around to talk to him, I noticed a nice sunset with some nice pastel colors behind me. So, I made another photo. I’m glad I looked in front as well as behind. Two nice images.


Fun in Black & White

This image of our latest full moon I made hand-held so it’s not the sharpest ever, but given that the moon was just rising above some trees across the street from our house, I liked the way the limbs looked in front of the familiar moonscape.


I got down low for this image of our new brick sidewalk which runs to our front porch. The fallen leaves gave it a nice look.


And lastly, our back porch light is always good for an image or two. Nice contrast.