Environmental Lake

Greensboro, NC Parks and Recreation Department has several very nice nature-oriented facilities for public use. One I like to visit from time to time is Higgins Lake.


Lake Higgins is a 226-acre municipal reservoir. Walking the shoreline presented me with several nice photo compositions. It was fun standing below a tall pole with Purple Martin Houses while the birds flew around. I learned the birds eat a massive amount of flying insects daily such as mosquitoes, capturing their prey while on the wing.





Outdoors in Greensboro

Greensboro, NC is but a brief drive from where we live in Virginia. It’s a great place to visit and to shop. I call it a “little big town” because it’s relatively easy to find your way around. There’s one place I’ve been to many times when I want to find some nice photo opportunities: The Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden, with adjacent Bog Garden. If I were to show some of the images I made to a stranger of Greensboro, they’d probably be surprised such natural beauty is located in a major city like this. Here are some very recent photos I made.