Lakeside Trees

A favorite photo location for me has always been one that involves lakes, rivers and wooded ponds. Philpott Lake near where we live is a perfect example. I’ve explored much of it’s 100-mile shoreline via canoe and kayak. Silently gliding past a flock of Wild Turkeys, moving through the woods is an experience I won’t forget. But, that’s another story. Here’s what I saw there recently.





A Window


When I find an old farm house, unoccupied of course, I always look for a window with tattered curtains, thinking what lies behind. Ghosts of past occupants? Nothing but junk? I suppose I’d jump out of my skin if a face suddenly appeared. This photo represents one of the best I’ve found lately … although I have many other nice ones in my collection. I love the texture of the wood siding and the faded tin roof.