Nicely Scented Flowers

Flowers are of course beautiful and interesting to look at. But, there are two types near our home in SW Virginia that please my sense of smell more than most … Honeysuckle and Magnolias.


First, my favorite. At this time of year I am transported back in time to those days when I was a small boy, plucking yellow and white flowers from vines and pulling the center stem out, bringing with it a small amount of sweet tasting “honey” which we promptly “sucked” between our lips. Even today in old age I can detect the scent of honeysuckle a long distance from its source.



Second, Large Magnolia blossoms start out as a “ball” then within a day or two open up into large blossoms, lasting only a short time before turning brown and wilting. Standing beneath a large tree from which they originate, I am surrounded by a sweet, pleasing fragrance and the buzzing of friendly bees.




Childhood Memories

At this time of year I am reminded of my childhood whenever I smell the sweet aroma of flowering Honeysuckle vines. We kids used to stand beside these vines for a long time while we pulled out the center stem to suck off the wonderful taste of the “honey” inside. We could totally strip a large patch of vines in less than an hour. If you have never done this yourself it’s hard to explain the joy we felt. Unfortunately, in the process of working our way through the tangled vines to get at the best flowers, we sometimes exposed ourselves to poison ivy. But, that’s another story.