Visiting Kodiak Alaska

D5DD7F0D-56FB-4E66-9000-85B298FAD36D(A portion of the main fishing boat harbor near the center of downtown Kodiak, Alaska.)

One grandson of ours is based in Kodiak Alaska with the US Coast Guard, and today our daughter arrives for a short visit with him, and to participate as a family member in getting underway for a brief period aboard his ship, the USCGS Douglas Munro, to learn more about what the ship’s crew and leaders do. With that as background, I decided to share some photos I made several years ago while there with my wife, that show the rugged shoreline beauty of this remote island.





U.S. Coast Guard in Kodiak Alaska


Our grandson is assigned to the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Douglas Munro named for the only Coast Guardsman to be presented with the Medal of Honor. The ship itself is impressive, but when seen as a part of Kodiak Alaska, it becomes even more interesting. When given time off from ship’s duties, our grandson is doing a bit of exploring on the rugged, remote island. I’ve been to Kodiak so I can attest to its beauty. But I’m enjoying posting some of our grandson’s photographic work here. He gets all the well deserved credit.





Clouds and Sun on Kodiak Island

To continue my photoblog series of photographs taken during our 2007 trip to Alaska, the Bering Sea and Eastern Siberia, I’d like to focus on a location where we had always wanted to visit … a spot where most tourists never get to because of its remote location in the Gulf of Alaska. The night before our arrival my excitement level rose and I started to pray for good weather in order to provide for some nice photography. We woke up early, ate breakfast and then went on deck to watch as the ship began to slowly sail toward the harbor, Not only was it not sunny, but there was a low fog bank covering much of the island’s coast and high mountains. My heart sunk, until from nowhere my prayers were answered and a ray of sunshine poked through, illuminating a beautiful expanse of the island. From that point on during the day, it was “sun out, sun in” and we even had a few light rain showers. However, it seemed that every time I found a great photo opportunity, the sun came out, or the light was really nice even when it was a bit cloudy. We first toured the center part of the City of Kodiak with its Russian Orthodox Churches, and then boarded a bus which took us off into the interior of the island where we could hike through rain forests and stand on high cliffs overlooking a portion of the rugged shoreline. The wild flowers we saw were beautiful, especially seeing and photographing a rare Chocolate Iris. It was a great day!

Bering Sea-21

Bering Sea-35

Bering Sea-45

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Bering Sea-54

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