Looking at Leaves


(Photos made with Fujifilm X-100T w/23mm lens.)

Falling leaves in some stage of transformation from summer to fall colors are plentiful here in SW Virginia. However, those still on the trees are not yet as colorful as I’d like. A Fall season photo composition I often look for involves leaves on water, with reflections present. This works good for me as below, when I find reflections on ponded water on paved surfaces.


Backlit trees and leaves are another subject I seek throughout the year; but, it works best in the Fall by making colors more vibrant. The photo below looks under a very large Magnolia Tree across he street from our home. This massive tree is a favorite subject of mine throughout the year.




One Magnolia Tree


There is a very large Magnolia Tree across the street from our home. Every year at this time the sweet fragrance of its large-petal blossoms add much to my day. But, alas, it’s gone far too soon. Within a day or two the petals fade from ivory white to faded brown and then fall off. But, it I catch them just right as I did recently, I’m rewarded. Magnolia trees are an iconic part of living in southern regions of the United States. I’m glad I’m there to enjoy the beauty.