Waiting to Race

Martinsville, Virginia is home to the only NASCAR race track still operating from NASCAR’s first season in 1948. I live just two miles from the facility and as such am able to make photos when I want. NASCAR schedules two races annually here on the one-half mile oval (paperclip design) track and racing fans enjoy the up-close views and tight racing often creating a lot of “bumping and banging.” For years I attended each race along with 60,000-plus others. The pandemic curtailed that last year but it’s now back open to fans fully. Here are several images I made this week to show the facility is indeed “waiting to race.”

Iconic Race Track in Winter


I live two miles from Martinsville Speedway, which is the oldest track on the NASCAR circuit. The track is a half-mile long, in the shape of a “paperclip.” Fans have voted Martinsville as their favorite track primarily because 360 degree seating puts them within a few hundred yards of all the action. Driving by recently, I decided to stop and make a few photos.






Martinsville Speedway — After the Race

We are fortunate to live just two miles from the oldest NASCAR track: Martinsville Speedway. Racing began here in 1948 and the “paperclip” shaped track is the shortest (half-mile). A large percentage of fans consider racing here to be some of the best. This was especially true during the Fall 2015 NSACAR Sprint Cup race last Sunday, won by one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers, Jeff Gordon. It was his ninth win at Martinsville, and his 93rd career win during his storied career. This latest victory locked him into the “final four” drivers racing for the 2015 Sprint Championship later this month. I’ve been to most all the races here since 2002 and love it. While fans often see photos of the race itself and associated activities, few ever see it like I can, living so close … after the race.










Waiting for Fans

We live just two miles from NASCAR’s iconic race track, Martinsville Speedway — it’s oldest track, with two races annually, spring and fall. In two weeks the stands you see below will be packed with screaming fans, pulling for their favorite driver. Living as close to the track as we do, I often stop by to make some photos when the mood hits, as it did recently. My intent was to show the “stands” with the nice patterns they make to the camera eye, especially from underneath the great steel metalwork. I also got a candid shot of a track worker, painting along the wall, making the place look perfect, before crashing cars shortly ruin it all. But, that’s just racing!