Winter Pansies

Each year in November we dig up our seasonal summer flowers and plant Pansies. These hearty flowers survive the cold, snow and ice that is common in SW Virginia. On warmer days during winter the flowers perk up and smile at us, as this one did this morning. I used a Fujifilm XT100 with flip screen so I can get down low, using a 35mm f2 lens to create a soft background (Bokeh).


Spring in Bloom … almost

One day it’s near 70 degrees and I see many signs of spring season in bloom. Then, winter sticks its head back out, hopefully only for a brief moment. Perhaps my photos here will warm your heart no matter where you are. By the way, the two Pansies you see here made it through this very cold and snowy winter in our back yard. Also, the Bradford Pear Trees shown here have a way to go yet, but are indeed trying to push winter aside.