Just Wait For It

i’ve posted this special image before but now close to Christmas Day I wanted to do it again in the spirit of the season. During my last visit to Alaska we took a day-trip though a popular area of Prince William Sound. That morning weather out of Whittier was overcast with light rain, low clouds and haze. I wondered what sort of photographic opportunities I’d have. My worries proved to be a waste of time. As we reached one of our many destinations the sky opened up and I was blessed with this view. Many more followed. It turned into a perfect day. My life over the past several years has been similar. I worry about what might be and realize there is so much in life around me I may not see at first. Have faith. Good things are there. Just be patient and look for them.

Prince William Sound Alaska

Last August I was fortunate to be on a relatively small boat, traveling through a portion of Prince William Sound in Alaska. It was in narrow Esther Passage where I was able to capture beautiful relatively close-up scenery without having to use a telephoto lens. Most day cruise ships out of Whittier include the passage on their itinerary on the way to view numerous glaciers that are located in Prince William Sound. Here are a few more compositions I saw that day.  As yes, the very smooth water was that color.

When to be Thankful

P1050649 (3)

There have been many times over the years when I’m presented with a view in front of me that makes me say, “Wow!” Last month while in Alaska, we took a five-hour high-speed boat cruise in Prince William Sound, with its beautiful glaciers. When we departed Whittier, the weather wasn’t good. The best part of it was that it wasn’t raining, but low clouds, fog, and generally dark conditions made me think I’d have to change my photo focus to closer up views versus far away. But, having been to Prince William Sound several times before, I was prepared for whatever the weather gave us. When I spotted a brightening in the sky far away, I thought maybe our luck might change. And it did. The sun started to pop out and what I saw made me really thankful.

IMG_1149 (2)