First Snow


As the sun lowered in the sky late this afternoon, after twelve hours of moderate to heavy snowfall (the first of 2017 for us here in SW Virginia) the beauty of our back yard made me smile. I made the Barn Quilt you see attached to the side of our storage shed for my wife Barb several years ago, and its color, that of the shed and the dark blue sky really made this scene memorable. I believe this will be just one of hundreds more I’ll record during this new year. Many to share here.

After the Storm

Second snow storm in February was a bit more than the first one, bringing about 5 inches versus 4 the first time. All within a week or so. Time for spring. The only thing I like about snow is being able to make photos early in the morning just as the skies are clearing. Now, if I were a kid with a sled I’d be having a ball with no school.